Questions, Concerns and Complaints


Concerns and Complaints

If you would like to raise a concern, complaint or grievance on any matter, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact us. You may do so using telephone, email, or in-person:

Telephone / SMS Text / WhatsApp: +232 76767640 OR +232 88197790


In Freetown: 12 Pultney Street, Renlaw House, Freetown

In Kamankay: Salcost Highway, Kamankay, Kalanthuba Chiefdom

In Kondembaia: Magbaia Street, Kondembaia, Diang Chiefdom

Questions and Further Information

If you would like further information on the Bumbuna II Project and Seli Hydropower, please contact us by email:

Seli Hydropower Limited is headquartered in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Seli Hydropower Limited
Second Floor, Renlaw House
12 Pultney Street
Sierra Leone
Tel: +232 76650073

Seli Hydropower is owned by Joule Africa. For more information on Joule Africa, please visit: