Welcome to the Seli Hydropower website which provides key aspects of the Bumbuna II hydroelectric power project, located on the Upper Seli River in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone, about 200km north east of Freetown.

Sierra Leone currently suffers from a severe shortage of electricity with fewer than 10% of the population having access to some form of power. This has a negative impact on the nation's economy and the wellbeing of its citizens.

The Government of Sierra Leone’s ambition is for 30% of households to have access to electricity, via the national grid, by 2030.

Bumbuna II is a key part of the Government’s long-term Energy Strategy and will add a further 143MW of power to the country. Importantly, it will also provide a minimum of 80MW of reliable electricity throughout the year.

Seli Hydropower, the local project company responsible for the development of Bumbuna II, will ensure that the environment is preserved and that the local communities benefit from this project. Seli Hydropower is operating in line with international best practice at all times, including IFC Performance Standards 5 and 6 and EIB’s Procurement Standards

Seli Hydropower is owned by Joule Africa. For more information on Joule Africa, please visit

The Bumbuna II project will:

  • Increase electricity supply
  • Provide electricity at an affordable tariff
  • Provide reliable electricity throughout the year
  • Provide training and jobs for local workers
  • Use local materials and supplies where practical
  • Improve the livelihood for villages located nearby
  • Mitigate environmental impacts and preserve the environment for current and future generations

See Project Overview for a summary of the Bumbuna II hydropower project.

Seli Hydropower is implementing an open, collaborative public consultation programme to maximise community awareness and provide opportunities for public involvement. See Public Consultation to learn more about our community engagement programme.

More detailed information is included in the Project Documents section.

Thank you for your interest and please visit this website in the future as we will be providing updates on our progress.