The project will:

  • Increase access to reliable power supply for people and businesses
  • Improve access to roads and other infrastructure
  • Provide training and new job opportunities during construction and also during operation
  • Likely provide further fishing opportunities

But the project will also:

  • Reduce people’s and animal access to the Upper Seli River and the river bank in the flooded part and where the power plant is built
  • Mean some settlements will lose the land they use and live on and will need to be resettled and
  • Have an impact on flow rates immediately below the Bumbuna Dam which could affect fishing


Suitable alternative locations have already been identified for those affected people who will need to move as part of the project’s early works programme and they will be compensated for their losses. The resettlement process aims to improve peoples’ lives through a range of initiatives, including:

  • Providing better quality homes
  • Replacing farm land
  • Compensating for loss of crops and trees
  • Training in new skills (fishing, farming)

Seli Hydropower and its advisers are working with Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, together with the Sierra Leone’s Environmental Protection Agency, to plan the resettlement process.

This involves communicating with everyone (‘stakeholders’) who might be affected by the project or can affect what happens with the project.

Everyone in Sierra Leone has a legal right to comment about a project or development and Seli Hydropower will make sure all stakeholders understand this.

Village Stakeholder Meetings have been set up to provide opportunities to get involved in any decisions that may affect where people live or what they do for a living.

Information is being provided on:

  • What is planned and how this will affect stakeholders
  • How stakeholders can get involved in the process
  • Contact details for the committees
  • Dates and locations of the meetings taking place
  • Timeline of the resettlement process
  • Where, who and how to register a grievance, how long it will take for a grievance to be resolved

We have set up a dedicated helpline for anyone who has questions or would like to submit comments, all of which will be taken into consideration. We aim to respond to all submissions within 48 hours.

Please contact us in writing, by email or by phone at the contact details provided below:

Consultation Department
Seli Hydropower
Renlaw House
12 Pultney Street
Sierra Leone

Tel: +00 232 78 618454