Project Documents


The Bumbuna II Hydropower project is complying with strict environmental and other regulatory requirements and is operating in line with international best practice at all times, including IFC Performance Standards 5 and 6 and EIB’s Procurement Standards. Seli Hydropower has submitted several major documents to the Government of Sierra Leone, the Sierra Leone Environmental Protection Agency and prospective project lenders (The World Bank Group and others) as part of their comprehensive review of the project. Further documents continue to be submitted.

Many of the documents that we have submitted (to date) appear below and can be accessed clicking on the title of each. Please note that these documents were published in 2017 and some of the timings detailed were included for indicative purposes.

Links to key documents:

  1. Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA)
  2. ESHIA Non-Technical Summary
  3. Phase 1 (Early Works) Resettlement Plan
  4. Scoping Report: Phase 2 Resettlement Plan
  5. Critical Habitat Assessment
  6. Critical Habitat Mapping
  7. Ecological Flow Assessment
  8. Primate & Pigmy Hippo Survey
  9. BAP Strategy
  10. Community Development Action Plan
  11. Environmental and Social Management Plan Road Map
  12. Joule Africa Strengthens Senior Team
  13. Power Purchase Agreement Press Release
  14. Ratification Announcement
  15. Downstream Impacts Livelihoods Assessment
  16. Alternative Analysis Note