When completed, Bumbuna II is expected to provide significant local and national economic benefits, at the same time reducing the country's current power deficit and reducing its dependence on expensive and polluting oil-fired thermal power generation.

Bumbuna II will:

  • Increase electricity supply
  • Provide new supply of clean, reliable energy
  • Provide electricity at an affordable tariff
  • Provide training and jobs for local workers
  • Use local materials and supplies where practical
  • Improve the livelihood for villages located nearby
  • Improve air quality

In addition to improving the local economy, Seli Hydropower is committed to preserving the heritage and cultures of nearby villages. Ongoing meetings with the local communities are helping us to identify actions needed to fulfil that commitment.

Above and beyond what is included in the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for the affected communities, we are establishing a Community Development Action Plan (CDAP) which encompasses affected communities and their catchment areas. It builds on the initiatives and activities highlighted in the RAP and will be implemented, managed and funded on an ongoing basis for the next 25 years.

Major considerations of the CDAP include:

  • Agricultural development and training
  • Light provision for households and associated facilities
  • Improvement of public infrastructure, such as schools and health centres
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene programme
  • Business and functional training
  • Creation of better access roads
  • Provision of off-grid power